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Gas + Colic Heating Pad

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Add some heat to help baby's belly probs with the Instant Tummy Warmer. Gentle heat + compression helps relax their little muscles, promoting some movement in their pipes to soothe discomfort. Just click the disc in the reusable warmer to activate its heat, tuck inside the soft pouch, and gently press to baby's tummy to help free the wind. When they run out of heat after about 20 minutes, just boil to recharge for the next big gas moment.

  • • SOOTHING: Combines gentle heat + compression to help relax and soothe bellies
  • • INSTANT: Click to activate heat, lasting up to 20 minutes
  • • REUSABLE: Simply boil heat packs to recharge for next time
  • • COMFY: Easy-hold hand band helps you apply gentle compression while keeping heat packs at a safe temp
  • • CONTENTS: Hand-held heating pad